OUR FOUNDER   -  J.R. Parker Spent 20 years perfecting a training program that could be incorporated across all training needs. Having competed as a High School, Collegiate athlete and spending 12 years in the professional ranks as an athlete and then as a strength and conditioning, speed and agility assistant coach.  J.R is a life coach and public speaker and has spent years coaching athletes to achieve great levels of success on a local, national and global stage.  J.R. was the 2018 Bill Belichek foundation award recipient as well as the 2019 Denver Broncos foundation award winner.   In 2019 J.R. became a published author with his book "(10 Chambers Of Success, Athlete/Entrepreneur) and followed that with his 2021 book (Are You Happy?)".  The next step was the development of the Rhino Sports Academy, this came from a dream of having a system that could bring joy and success to people from all walks of life.
Training Credentials:
Youth Athletes- 12 years
High School Athletes- 12 Years
NCAA Athletes-17 Years
Professional Athletes - 18 years

THE ACADEMY  -  Rhino Sports Academy is our core program for student/athletes looking for a location to attend school and train in the same location.  The academy will help athletes gain the knowledge they need in an online setting that is structured with the philosophy of a streamlined and direct education stand point.  Rhino Sports Academy is a federally recognized 501C3 Academy.  During school hours students will receive maximum assistance in small groups which has been proven to increase the amount of information retained.  During the training hours of the day the students will be given the opportunity to have the kind of precision training in their sport that has only been seen in sports like gymnastics.  Student/athletes enrolled in Rhino Sports Academy "The Academy program will be helped to excel toward continuation, graduation, college prep.  The Academy is also available to those collegiate athletes attending a college program while getting grades and college readiness up in order to pursue play the next season.

THE RHINO System-  The Rhino training system is built to have a maximum success rate when being provided to athletes.  It is a system that can be hard and grueling and is meant to break athletes down to their fundamental core.  It is at this point that the athlete is rebuilt with a singular mindset of reaching for the mountain top and will settle for nothing less.  The program is guaranteed to provide an athlete with everything they need except for the one thing that can only be achieved by making it through to the other side and that is heart.  Rhino training is made to dispose of bad habits not only in performance but in an athletes way of thinking and their self talk.  The system is designed to teach each athlete to never have failures but to have lessons that they can learn from.  


Just want to get in shape - Rhino Sports Academy is not just for athletes!  We pride ourselves on our ability to help anyone achieve their dreams and fitness goals mentally and physically.  Our system for men and women of any age also has a proven track record for helping people reach their goals and to live a happy life.  We do not promote diets or fads.  We do not provide simple personal training just to make you feel like you are doing something but never actually reaching your goals.  We provide a training program designed for you as an individual to address not only a physical change but to promote a mental change as well.  We want you to be able to have a life that does not revolve around countless hours in the gym or starving yourself, but a life that is worth living and smiling about.

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