The Academy -   The Academy is a place where we offer students in grades 6th through 12 the opportunity to attend school in our online program.  For some students this will allow them to have a safe place to attend the school of their choice online with instant support.  Students are able to complete schoolwork in a more intense shortened day.  For student athletes, this program is amazing because it allows for them to not only complete their schoolwork but to also receive elite level training in their school day.  This will allow your player to play at their designated school while going to school at RSA in an untraditional school program. Lock in your athlete's spot here at RSA where we follow all NCAA and local middle and high school requirements ensuring an easy transition from JR High to high school to college.  (We are working with companies to find opportunities to provide scholarships to help students with the things they may need to do online school.) Please fill out the inquiry form in sidebar and we will be in contact shortly